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September 27th, 2010 No Comments

My College Football rundown in case you didn’t catch the repetitive highlights on ESPN and thought you would turn to a chick blogger for your stats.

First thing’s first: I’m sure you all heard/saw/gasped that UT lost to UCLA on Saturday.

I was there to watch them go down with my very own little Trojan eyes when UCLA pulverized Texas.  Well, in all fairness, Gilbert really was mostly to blame.

In full disclosure, I did root for Texas because I figured it was the civil thing to do, but I DID NOT, I repeat, did not wear burnt orange or throw up any horns.

This loss really doesn’t change the unusal BCS rankings right now.  Boise State deserves to be at the top of the list with Bama and OSU, but you can’t convince me that TCU has proven itself yet.  Although both Alabama and Auburn struggled for their win so the SEC isn’t looking so hot.  The tables could turn fellas.

I think the most interesting thing to watch this season will be Denard Robinson, Michigan’s QB.  He put up over 900 offensive yards in his first two games.  That’s insane!  He was hurt on Saturday so there isn’t much to report on him today, but I look forward to watching him light up the field in the upcoming weeks.

In news that no one seems to care about, USC killed Washington State.

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