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October 6th, 2010

Did you know that Andy Roddick is powered by Michelin? 

Well, not really, but literally.  The soles of his Babolat shoes are made by Michelin.  Think about it:  What better company to make rubber soles than the one that dominates the tire industry. Obviously they have the knowledge and technology to get the best traction.

Just one of the fun facts I learned from Parmeet, who is responsible for uniting all of the products under the Michelin brand.  There are a whole world of things Michelin does besides tires and restaurant ratings.  He says that the only thing that permeates throughout everything they do is quality.  Sure, everyone proclaims that about their work, but you need look no further than their 50+ JD Power awards and other countless accolades to realize he’s telling the truth. 

The only disappointing part of this meeting was that the picture doesn’t do Parmeet justice.  He smiled through half of our conversation!  Well, you can take my word for it, he’s a great guy and is truly passionate about his job.  It’s refreshing and inspiring to talk to people like him.

The event tonight should be a lot of fun!

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