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Secret to My Slippers Heel to Toe

October 7th, 2010 No Comments


Secret to My Slippers Heel to Toe

Last week a lot of you commented on these shoes I wore to the Tootsies event.  I love them too!

So I’m going to share my secret to always wearing Cinderella slippers:

People assume I spend a fortune on ALL of my shoes because I purchase a few striking designer heels a year.  When I do buy big, I seek out styles that most people would pass up so they’re semi-exclusive to my feet and will make a statement.

So when I do wear a pair of more affordable shoes (that I purchase with the SAME strategy) people believe they’re fabulous.

Style has nothing to do with the price tag, but how well you put the pieces together to create a look you love.

These Nine West shoes from the clearance section at DSW are the perfect example.  Before I hit the aisles of “new” shoes, I head straight to clearance section in the back to browse with my fresh eyes for hidden treasures.  Once, I found the most amazing gold Prada cage shoes for less than $200.  Then a couple years ago I found these little ladies BUT they didn’t have ankle straps.  Everyone else thought they were a lost cause despite the 70% off the already marked down price.

Mind you, I’m a girl who rarely buys anything I have to get altered and will re-consider a purchase if it has to be dry-cleaned often.  And I can’t remember the last time I didn’t ask/beg my mom to stitch together.

But! I knew instantly a simple ribbon would make these shoes not only function, but also give them more character.

One trip to the fabric store and $3 later, I had some a new pair of bling to complete any evening outfit.

Bottom line secret: if you love it, you’ll find a way to make it work and everyone else will adore it too!

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