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October 13th, 2010

This guy looks like he has a story or two to tell.

I found Devendra Banharnt, native Houstonian and world citizen, on page 46 of Houston Magazine. Described by the writer as “melodic, electric, lyrically free-associative and worldly,” his music sounds as interesting as his appearance. And as long as you don’t call his tunes “folk,” he’s ok with you enjoying it. Obviously I’m off to iTunes to check it out.

UPDATE: I’m terrible at describing music, so I’ll just throw this out there.  He’s awesome.  Go to his website and listen to their their latest album, “What Will We Be” cover to cover (I like the first three songs – Can’t help smiling, Angelika, and Baby) or head to iTunes and click on:

  • Lover (From Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist)
  • Carmensita
  • Chinese Children
  • Now That I Know

Their “latest” album was released almost a year ago, so per usual I’m a little slow on the music uptake.  But! I know him now!

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