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Restaurants to hit and skip: TriBeCa

October 14th, 2010

Neighborhoods in NYC are filled with cute cafes and decadent restaurants, but how can you decipher the good from the bad from the just-ok online?  Well, there’s Zagat, NY Mag, and Michelin, which seem to concur most of the time.  But I’m going to offer you a quick hit list with links to NY Mag reviews (because that’s where I go to check in).  If the restaurant has a Michelin star, I really know I’m in for a treat.  Zagat and Yelp! are actually almost meaningless at this point because the reviews are so disjointed.

I’m guessing you’ll eat at one or maybe two meals per neighborhood, so the lists are short and precise.

For Tribeca, you must hit:

  • Locanda Verde – for fresh Italian fare amongst the best scene in NYC
  • Bubby’s – go for brunch, everything on the menu is delicious and has since topped one of my all-time favs, Kitchenette
  • Nobu – bring a wallet full of Benjamins and prepare for a Japanese treat.
  • Bouley – A French experience you’ll never forget

Skip it:

  • Corton – a stark white room does nothing for the overly ambitious dishes
  • The Harrison – so-so for steak in New York is a no-go in my book
  • Bread – The Soho sister has a much better menu and vibe
  • Tribeca Grill – Looks and feels like a diner
  • The Odeon – It’s a classic, but nothing noteworthy these days
  • Mr. Chow – spend the cash on the fusion fare when you’re in LA

The Toss Up:

  • Marc Forgione – I was there for the opening of Forge, now named after the chef and was anything but impressed. Critics love him and Michelin gave him a star, so I might venture back to see what’s so special now.
  • Landmarc – A local staple that serves up a little bit of everything.  Outdoor seating is a big pull in my book.
  • Matsugen – Although not on the lips of foodies these days, with the talent behind it, I can’t see how you would ever be disappointed
  • Nobu Next Door – Offering the same menu as Nobu and only accepts walk-ins, but it’s not a nice place to enjoy dinner

Like most of NYC, half of the fun of TriBeCa is discovering hidden treasures.  So stroll the streets and see what you find.  If you have a winner, let me know so I can spread the word.

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