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Dear @JetBlue, you ROCK!

October 22nd, 2010

Airline customer service sucks these days. Truly.  Not to mention having to deal with all of the new fees and regulations during your travel.  We all have our nightmare tales.

Well, it’s time for a good story – and I’ll keep it short.

I left my clutch purse, notable contents including credit cards and Nano, under the seat on my flight home from NYC to Houston last week.

I called Jet Blue to search the plane when it landed  back at JFK.  They didn’t find the clutch, but a representative did call me that same night to inform me they had done a thorough search.  So I left a message at Jet Blue at Hobby airport, thinking it was a waste of breath, but I had to try to reach someone.

The next day a man called me back from Jet Blue at Hobby to say he had my purse in his hands and everything I described was inside.  Al (the man) offered to Fedex it to me asap, but when he recognized my address, he said he would gladly deliver it to my house.  And you know what? He did.

Unbeknownst to him I was media or that his generosity would get any acclaim, he still went through all of the effort to return it as soon as he possibly could.

Al, thank you for going above and beyond!  Jet Blue, thank you for hiring loyal and trustworthy representatives and being a company those caring individuals are proud to exceed expectations for.

(Full disclosure: I receive a media discount on some of my JetBlue fares.  And I used their twitter handle in the subject line because I know they are avid about engaging with their customers via twitter.  The corporate office should know about how outstanding their service is on the field.)

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