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Bye bye back flab!

October 25th, 2010

Ok, this exercise is not going to get rid of your back fat (that will only be accomplished with your diet), but I thought the title would get your attention ;)

It will help you tone up your lats though.

Roland taught me this high rep workout last year and it’s been a favorite replacement for standard pull downs.

Most gyms have these cable machines now, which force you to use each arm equally instead of relying on your stronger side.

1. The Set Up:

Use moderate weight.  4-6 plates

Sit down with your tailbone pulled under and your abs engaged.  Pull your shoulders back and down.  Lift your chest up and pull both cables down.

2.  Part 1 

Holding down one side, release the other and extend completely.  Pull it back down.  Then do the same for the other side.

Make sure to keep your abs engaged and your traps down (arrow in #3)

Do 15 reps each side

3.  Part 2

Then do as many reps as you can (about ten) with both arms.

Finish off your back day with rows and back extensions!

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