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November 4th, 2010

You know how after a fight you’re supposed to cool down before you tell the tale, well, I’m throwing that rule out the window.

I think you should be informed that they are one of the most UNETHICAL companies I have ever worked with.  Not to mention their staff is uneducated, unfriendly, and unwilling to help in any way, shape, or form.  I mean, they barely speak in complete sentences.

Unfortunately I don’t have time to write out the whole story now, and I’m not sure I will want to outline the details later.  They really seem trivial, but altogether they compose a compelling force to make me raise my voice (which I rarely ever do any more).

You all seem to trust that I offer you my honest opinion on things I strongly believe will help or hinder your lives.

Hear me clearly: CITIBANK is out to throw you into the recession whether you like it or not.  Take your money and run elsewhere.

Needless to say I’m moving my accounts ASAP.

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