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"Prayer involves more than making personal requests."

November 7th, 2010

In The Voice New Testament that we read from at Ecclesia, they offer side notes and insight to help you relate the scripture to your everyday life.

At the end of the book of James, he talks about community and prayer. 

The notes in The Voice says:

“How then, should we pray?  First James tells us to pray in community, not just by ourselves or for ourselves.  When we pray together, life is shared and community is born.  We confess our sins not just to God, but to each other.  Through this vulnerable transparency, God knits souls together in authentic community, and we discover the true benefit of prayer.” (pg. 397)

The community at Ecclesia is one of the most compelling components about the experience.  Everyone in the room, genuinely wants to be there.  No one dragged them out of bed, made them put on uncomfortable clothes, or forces them to pray.  With enthusiasm and passion, these followers gather to explore their faith amongst others with the same devotion.  The energy that comes from that kind of love is indescribable.  So when I sit amongst these people, I feel safe and supported to open my heart, reflect on my life, and truly see what I want for myself and what I have to give to others.  I believe the community we create in our lives everyday should yield the same.

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