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Women’s Polo is a scene unto itself

November 14th, 2010
The Mayakoba Residences sponsored the Houston Polo Club’s Women’s Tournament this weekend.  Apart from sipping champagne on the sidelines in the Hamptons, I am pretty unfamiliar with the sport.  But I can tell you one thing, the members and players passion truly translates to everyone around them.  It’s a way of life that they enjoy and are proud to be a part of.
The horses are gorgeous (just like their riders), but I’m sure you can guess the first thing about Polo that caught my eye:

Real riding boots! You can’t buy these at Neimans.

Women’s polo is intense. They asked me if I wanted to take lessons, and I’ll be honest, I think the answer is no. The speed of the game looks scary.

Meet two of the most well-respected Women’s polo players: Sunny Hale and Tiffany Busch. Sunny is said to be the best Women’s player in the world and Tiffany, who plays year-round, is “like a freight train” and “unstoppable” according to her competitors.

Watching these two girls dominate the field was a really fun way to spend a beautiful Saturday.

Unfortunately team Mayakoba didn’t pull off the W for the tournament, but with Sunny on their side, they took home the W in the exhibition match on Sunday.

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