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Another Carla magical makeover

November 17th, 2010

Carla did it again!!

(Carla works at the Chanel counter at Neiman Marcus in Houston)

UPDATE: You had questions about this look, so I’ll give you answers.

ScarletEmily –  What is the eyeshadow?

Carla used mostly Chanel makeup, but my eyes were done with the “Modern Love” eye palette from Nars ($55- scroll all the way down to the bottom), which is a good combo of neutral colors you could wear daily. It’s like the Stila palette I love so much that they no longer sell.

MaryAnne – So pretty! Mary, could you do a post on bridal make up one day?

Absolutely.  I’ll tell you right now, the secret to bridal makeup is finding an artist who understands how to highlight your natural features and make your face camera ready.  That’s why I always suggest trying out several before committing to one simply because a friend refers you.

JaclynDay – Your teeth are the whitest of the white. I forget—do you get them bleached professionally?

I just had the Zoom treatment ($450 at Dentiq) a few weeks ago actually. Until then I hadn’t because even white strips made my teeth hurt.

I am really impressed with the procedure and results.  Even though my teeth are super sensitive, I could tolerate two 15 minute sessions. The pain was only mild later in the day.  I can definitely tell a difference!

After I posted about Zoom, a reader wrote to me and said when used repeatedly it can degrade the pulp in your teeth. She used a fake email address, so I’m not sure how credible this testimonial is, but it’s obviously worth mentioning.  Other people have complained their lips were burned.  Just like with most procedures there are risks and side-effects you should consider.  I wouldn’t do it unless I absolutely trusted the technician who was meticulous is protecting my lips and gums.

ShamelesslySheryl – Please, NO MORE scary wrinkley pre-Botox pics, Mary. Pretty pre-party pics like these are why I still scan your blog now…

Yikes, I know, they’re scary right?!  Trust me, I hate them as much as you do, but I think it’s important for people to see why I get the injections.  The procedure isn’t a “necessity” by any means, but it is something that makes me feel comfortable in my own skin and will prevent further wrinkles.

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