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I’m off to The Capella Pedregal

November 18th, 2010

Table for 1 please.

Tomorrow Later today I’m off to the new Capella resort in Los Cabos.

Yeah, I’ve found being a travel writer really sucks…..

Actually, as I’ve stated before, there are cons.  But in this case, I’ll be hard pressed to find any.

First of all, I’m going alone.  As much as I love my companions, I’m ready to zone out for the weekend without having to entertain anyone.

Secondly, the Capella hotels and residences, started by Horst Schultz the Godfather of the Ritz, put this lovely lady together himself.  He’s known in the industry for creating an environment that caters to the upper crust of travelers and training the staff to be meticulous.

I have two big issues with Cabo in general: the town itself is dirty and touristy and you can’t step foot in the water because the current is too strong.

But, since I already know the town and my job is to rate the Capella compound, I have not a care in the world.

(Full Disclosure: The Capella resort pays for my transportation and accommodations.  The Houston Chronicle only pays me if I choose to write an article.   As you read in the account from my last all-expenses-paid trip, I do not let the “freebie vacation” cloud my judgment or hinder me from giving an honest report.)

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