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Gone Fishin’ – El Farallon at The Capella Pedregal

November 19th, 2010
For dinner tonight at the Capella, we’re going fishing! And thankfully don’t have to get in a boat to do so.

At El Farallon, the signature restaurant of the Capella, fishing only involves a word or two to choose the meaty fillet we want to devour.  Of course the chef then does the work to cook it.  It’s like the deli of our dreams.


Their ceviche they served was one of the best I’ve EVER had.  It would have been a meal in and of itself!

My bass from the Sea of Cortez was cooked to perfection.  And as any truly fresh fish should be prepared, there wasn’t a spot of sauce on my plate.

My companions enjoyed other fresh catches:

Overall, everything they set down in front of us was excellent!

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