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Nor Cal rambling

November 23rd, 2010

A little ramble inspired by this pic of  Vesu in Walnut Creek, California on ArchitectureBlog.

First of all, you should follow it if you aren’t already.  I love all of the unique houses, kitchens, and bedrooms they post. You know, it’s the “pretty picture” kind of blog.

I’ve never been to Walnut Creek, but the Editor-in-Chief of Diablo (a lifestyle magazine named after their local mountain across the bay from San Francisco) lives there.  She was on the press trip with me at The Capella in Cabo. Wonderful woman!  I can’t wait to pick up my first copy.

This pic just reminded me I need to email her.

And… I miss the food in San Fran.  We have NOTHING that tastes so fresh in Houston despite the local farms nearby.  For example, corn (which we have a lot of in Texas) here tastes nothing like corn there….or in the Hamptons.  Sweet corn from the farms there are so sweet you can eat it raw.

And we don’t do sleek bistros like this in Texas, it just doesn’t happen.  As you would expect anything “modern” is a huge space with steel furniture (very original).  Apparently we haven’t figured out how to combine contemporary and comfortable yet.

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