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If you don’t know Jack about bags…

November 23rd, 2010 No Comments

— Andrew, Straight Guy Stylist

MR Note: I’m guessing my male readers know jack about bags and have heard or and probably carry a Jack Spade bag.  BUT. Sometimes we need little reminders that classics have become timeless for a reason. You can NEVER go wrong with a Jack Spade bag in terms of style and value.  It will last a lifetime!

It’s difficult to remember life before my Jack Spade bag and just thinking about those dark times makes me break into a cold sweat.  Although the name Jack Spade is completely made-up, the thoughtful and stylish design of these bags is very real.

(Top to bottom: Wool Felt Swiss Brief with Flap – $355, Mill Weather Wayne Duffle – $395, Industrial Canvas Dipped York Brief – $245)

Jack Spade makes the utilitarian stylish in their designs.  Their bags are simple and practical and go with every piece of clothing you own.  Best of all, the waxed cotton canvas is durable through rain, heat, and subway grime.  Once you’ve had one experience with Jack, you’ll find yourself wanting to replace all your bags with their products, beginning with your messenger and ending with your travel kit.

Might I add that you can’t go wrong with this as a gift :)

(Intro pic: Waxwear Computer Field Bag – $375)