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My gift to you this holiday season.

November 26th, 2010

After all of the requests for Papa’s ham sauce and my chocolate pie, I’ve decided to post my favorite family secret recipes in time for Christmas dinners. Spread the sugar right?!

It will be my gift to you and your family. I’m over gift guides. The key to gift giving is putting thought into it, not the price tag or what’s trendy.

Look forward to: Grandma Harper’s stuffing, Judy’s rolls, Aunt Thelma’s oatmeal cookies, Leslie’s Texas Millionaires, Karen’s pork loin, and Aunt Jerry’s fruit salad. And maybe! Aunt Thelma’s beans.

Note: Absolutely not one dish you’ll devour from these recipes is healthy. Please go to cookclean.Tumblr.com for the latest and tastiest in nutritious cooking.

I’ll tell you this though, you’re in for a Texas sized gastronomic treat!!!

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