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An On-Going Gift Guide

November 27th, 2010 No Comments

This is going to be an ongoing list so by the time Christmas rolls around, we’re prepared for any given occasion. Email me anything you run across so I can add it on!


Clever design by Alex Purcell who used one of the most decadent Japanese dishes – the blowfish – to inspire a very fun and functional sake pitcher.  Obviously this is a great conversation starter for dinner parties. ($98 for the set at sakebombstore.com)



Custom cutouts you can frame and fit into any home decor. Check out the etsy page: papercutsbyjoe (found on bookspaperscissors)


Show her you appreciate her couture, even though you can’t afford it.  ThisHermes coloring book ($130) is a bit steep, but she’ll get more use out of this fun activity on the flight to London than her new Givenchy boots will see in one winter. (found on the blog penned by the best and most beautiful woman in branding I know)

More to come!

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