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Combating Prices for Trends

November 28th, 2010 No Comments

— Andrew, Straight Guy Stylist

MR Note: The military trend should be easy for you to pick up because you really only need the boots or jacket.  The key is to not try TOO hard.

Military looks have been trending on the runways and the streets for the past few falls and it’s obvious why: there are layers, warm materials, and best of all BOOTS!  Every fall, I chomp at the bit to bust out my boots.  And this year, my military-inspired boots are now accompanied with jackets and sweaters.  Best of all, I’ve found the look for less in three very different places – my closet, military stores, and thrift stores.


I’m breathing new life into an old wardrobe by bringing this H&M field jacket back to life.  I bought it a few years ago when I was a size or two bigger, so now it has that perfect roominess that can be filled with sweaters and shirts and scarves.  The drab olive color lends itself to the trend even more and, with a removable liner and hood that folds up into the collar, it has really proven to be the perfect fall jacket.


To top off the G.I. Joe vibe, I’m letting you in on one of my new favorite secrets for boot shopping: military supply stores. I have boots from stores like Aldo and from other designers that I absolutely love. But the value you find at specialty stores like an Army/Navy supply is insane!  I just bought a pair of Corcoran Tanker Boots that are sure to last me through the winter and they were only $160.  Think about it: you get the same look for the same price, but these boots are made to stand up to a literal war, which I imagine even the New Yorkers would admit is worse than their street sludge.



If you choose to hit up the thrift store, you will have to be ready for a hunt, but if you look hard enough, you will find a treasure for a steal.  And with this look, the more worn in the better.


Styling the jacket and boots can prove to be tricky, so avoid everything green, camouflage or clearly labeled “U.S. Army.”  But feel free to play around with t’s and button downs.  Whether you go tucked-in or untucked, always remember to keep it more J.Crew and less Jarhead.

(J Crew Fatigue Jacket – $168)

(Runway photo via)