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November 29th, 2010

Fitness, is also a state mind, so you don’t NEED a gym to continue your training.  Cheesy I know, but very true.

I’ll admit that finding a workout while traveling you have to be inventive and motivated.  Not easy while on the road and you’re tired from other activities.  It’s easy to say, “the hotel gym stinks” or “I don’t have time,” but let’s be honest, you know you’ll feel better if you get your blood pumping.

Over the holiday, I was in the middle of nowhere, Texas and created a simple hour workout (on the go) using only my environment.

I started with a fast jog down a country road.

I got bored after 35 minutes so I found this bench at the high school to do step-ups.  20 on each leg.

With no desire to get back on the highway, I wondered what I could do to finish my cardio…Hmmm…Then I spotted this old basketball court and thought to myself, “I’m not really going to….oh my goodness, I never thought I’d do these on my own.”

Sprints! Ugh. My mom (my basketball coach for several years in middle school) used to make us do these after practice.  We thought it was torture!  But no one can argue that it’s not an effective exercise.

If you’re not familiar, a sprint is when you divide up the court/field and run to each line, return to the baseline, and then set out for the next line further down. 

I laid out 6 lines in my mind (two before mid-court, two after, then the end line) and did two sets.  Each set I would turn on a different leg.  After each step I did 10 more step ups on the bench on each leg.

I didn’t have time to do any push-ups (my family was chomping at the bit to dive into the ham at home), but that would be a great way to get your upper body involved in this routine.

After the hour, I felt much better for the feast and the rest of the day!

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