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Meet Andrew Woj, Your Straight Guy Stylist

November 29th, 2010 2 Comments

Hey guys and ladies who love to shop for their men.  On the new MTM, I’m bringing on Andrew to offer an alternative perspective to male fashion so you can see what’s on the runway and how it actually translates to the streets.

I’ll let Andrew take it from here!




Andrew now

Hi guys and the girls who love them, I’m Andrew Woj, your new men’s stylist.  I’ll be contributing insight into trends with a post every Tuesday.

I understand that for most men – particularly straight men – the mention of the word “fashion” makes them nervous, which is why I’m going to keep what I do here at More Than Mary basic.  My priorities are going to be trends, ready to wear pieces, and most importantly, affordable style.

I’ll never forget the first time Mary commented on one of my outfits, saying that the color palette seemed a little seventies.  At the time I was going through a phase where I experimented with mixing neutrals, so it was a well-deserved comment. Either way, I was thrilled that she cared enough to email me personally and share some ideas for mixing up my tired clothes.  Since then, we’ve emailed back and forth, shared advice, shared laughs, and now, she’s allowing me to share her platform.

Although I went to a small school in a small town in a state that isn’t really known for being incredibly well dressed, I found fashion and style to be a passion of mine.  First it was a source of entertainment: I started picking up magazines and trying to recreate the looks in stores before I realized that just wasn’t me.  Before I traveled to London to study abroad for a semester, I had a pretty prescribed sense of style.  But once I settled into such a diverse culture, I began to understand the difference between being well dressed and having personal style.

Now I have a good grasp on trends, when they work, and when they don’t.  I want to use this to make fashion and personal style easy and approachable rather than something scary.  But above all else, I’d love to see what kind of outfits you are putting together and what you’re doing to keep your personal style fresh!

Always feel free to email me comments or questions at andrew@morethanmary.com



The picture that got Mary's attention: I originally posted this to my blog asking readers if I wore too many cardigans, but Mary was more concerned with my 70s color palette and, looking back, she was rightly concerned.



  • its my first time, really enjoyable Mat

    • Glad you like it here!

      Everyday has a different theme so by the end of the week it’s like you’ve read a magazine written by people you know and trust.

      Keep commenting and let us know what you love.