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So it seems Christmas is here…

November 29th, 2010 No Comments

I’m not a Scrooge, I just don’t have much to get excited about.

During the last year, I’ve spent time with my family and high school friends, attended  local events, and eaten at Carrabba’s more than I have in the last decade.

My favorite part of the holiday is actually finding gifts I know people will love.  The budget this year is slim which makes it not only not as fun, but also frustrating.

So, if the stores would kindly turn down the blaring Christmas music, I could wrap my head around what I want to buy without pulling my hair out.

Enough with the rant, I will embrace the spirit (probably after my PMS passes).

In the meantime, Jordan is posting DIY and affordable gift ideas all over her blog, RamShackleGlam.  The latest:

Check out Glamour.com’s secrets for a homemade holiday season, featuring shabby-chic wrapping paper, easy-to-assemble ornaments, and my sugared cranberries.

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