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ULTIMATE gift guide written BY A MAN for men

December 1st, 2010 No Comments

Don’t you sometimes just want your man to tell you what he wants for the holidays/his birthday? We want to buy them clothes, but if we’re actually trying to find a gift THEY LIKE, then we should consider their manly desires (apart from the obvious).

My friend Jimmy heard my cry for help/agony in creating gift guides (it’s harder than you think), so he came up with this VERY THOUROUGH list WITH notes to help you to get your holiday shopping in gear (literally).

Big thank you to Jimmy!

Timex/JCrew’s Vintage Watch ($150) – many band colors to choose from but you really only need “olive”
8oz Stanley Flask ($20) – perfect for anyone, especially those hunting/fishing early in the morning
Gerber Torch I Knife w/ Serrated Edge ($43.20) – good knife for everyday use, whether it be cutting that loose string on your blazer, or field dressing a deer
Surfire G2 ($70) – last flashlight he will ever own
Dos Carolinas Guayabera (starting at $130) – for the Texan, Mexican wedding shirts made to measure – light, breathable, insanely comfortable and custom made with your choice of fabric and patterns
Alden Shoe Trees ($30) – shoes should be the biggest investment a man makes in his wardrobe, take care of that investment. (This, by the way, would go well with an actual pair of Alden shoes)
Filson Medium Duffle ($295) – Manly, will last forever, looks better with use
Cobra Baffler Hybrid Golf Club (~$100) – Forgiving club that will allow him to make longer shots with a softer landing, nothing at this price will improve his game more. Get the 22 degree loft – it can be hit hard like a 3 iron, normal like a 4 iron and soft like a 5 iron
Marmot Aegis Jacket ($150) – Houston is too hot for a thick rain jacket
Burberry Single Breasted Raincoat ($895) – Expensive, but a lifetime gift
AG Jeans – Contemporary, comfortable jeans for guys without the “clubbing” style
Lucchese Boots – Go with a classic men’s style.
Rigid Wet/Dry Vac ($60) – good for cleaning anything, cars, homes, garages and obviously works for wet messes too
1L lbs Gorilla Cart ($200) – The modern wheelbarrow
Dewalt Power Tool Set ($300) – any home owner should have this. Period.
Oregon Scientific Indoor/Outdoor Clock ($60) – Because in the age of modern television, there is no longer a “Local Forecast on the 8s”
Wusthof 6” Utility Knife ($90) – you can do anything with this knife, fillet fish, cut skirt steak, chop onions…whatever
Nespresso Essenza C101 Automatic ($200) – best coffee ever, easiest coffee ever.
The Godfather DVD Collection ($50) – note: not Blu-Ray.
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