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Hormones suck.

December 1st, 2010 No Comments

As I sit here sobbing, attempting to work through tears, I have to wonder if cramps might be a more pleasurable side effect to menstrual hormones.  For years I became bitchy and irritable with minor cramping.  Now, I’m just a wet mess.

Guys, it’s not like you’re exempt from this.  You have to deal with Aunt Flo (I hate that term) and all of the baggage she brings into your life, so stop cringing.  You might learn something useful.

I went to Mom for a hug, but that remedy quickly wore off.

So I turn to you. If your period takes you on an emotional roller coaster, how do you deal with it?  Aside from chocolate.  Or curling up in a ball in bed.  Been there done that. Do you have any truly effective?  Or am I just screwed for a few days?


As I already knew without a doubt, so many of us suffer from unreasonable and irrational sobbing during that oh-so-special time of the month.

I think reader Renee has a great solution.  She recommends B-12 shots:

Not the oral vitamin way, the actual shot in your deltoid. I don’t think you are afraid of needles too much since you are familiar with them during your botox sessions. This shot is smooth sailing, and is a miracle.

You can do a B-12 search and it will list a vast array of knowledge about the vits, but what I have noticed especially around my period is heightened energy, increased metabolism, more stable mental state (meaning I don’t feel depressed or sluggish due to that). It is a miracle worker, I am telling you.

The suggested dose is one shot once a month. They have clinics all around (just Google B-12 shot clinics, or similar) and it costs around $10-$20 per shot. So worth it! Or you could talk to your doctor and see if they can administer them.

I usually get them the day before I start my cycle or even sometime the day of. Try to stay within a 3 day window!

I hope this helps a little bit. And as always, this too shall pass :-)


Here’s what the tumblrs had to say:

I tried exercising this morning.  And while I got through Brice’s ass-kicking, I almost broke down in tears about 8 times, and finally did unlock the flood gates when I was safely back in my car.

As Christina says, I also tell myself I’m hormonal and that the overwhelming sadness and stress isn’t real.  Although at this point in my life, I do feel that way often, but the hormones just exacerbate the whole thing.

A dose of sugar just did the trick as I downed a praline Mom gave me earlier.  I think a nap should follow after my conference call.


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