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A little info on the MTM contributors

December 7th, 2010 2 Comments

(Left to right: Jeff the Trainer, Kallah the L.A. Fashionista, Andrew Woj the straight guy stylist, Asheliegh the interior designer, Lindsey the indie rocker, and Leah aka Nutritionista)

Over the last two days you’ve gotten to click around the new layout, but I wanted to make sure you are aware of the other awesome people who are also writing on the site now.

Every post that goes up, I’ll include a note from me under their name so you can see my thoughts on the piece and why I published it for you to read.

Yesterday, I posted the first video from Jeff Halevy, our new resident trainer from NYC. As you’ll see, his mantra is that fitness is also about your mind, not just your physique.

You should remember Kallah, the stylist, and Nutritionista (her real name is Leah) from the last version. Both are well and continuing their carrers in their respective fields. All of their older content is still on the site too, and can still be very useful for you.

Andrew Woj, the “Straight Guy Stylist” (I know it’s a weird title, but I wanted you boys to know he wasn’t go to tell you to run around in spandex just because it’s the latest trend), is a younger guy living in Washington DC who is going to give you basic tips about trends and classics. His advice won’t cost you an arm and a leg, so don’t worry.

At this point, Ashleigh and Lindsey are my Wednesday “Lifestyle” writers.

Ashleigh is a very successful interior designer out of Los Angeles who has a remarkable eye for color. Her resume is stellar and she’s ready to offer you her expertise here for free!

Lindsey is my super cute Indie Rocker chick who lives for the music scene. She’s not an expert, but knows her bands, and will tell you like it is. Have fun reading her brutal honest reviews.

Click on the contributor’s name to be directed to their page and see their past work. Even the new writers have content already up so you can learn a little about them.

Unfortunately the new “Wino” and Washington DC insider didn’t work out, so I’m still on the hunt for those specialists. So if you’d like to submit someone, please let me know.

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  • I’m curious/intrigued – What exactly are you looking for a Washington D.C. insider to do?

    • My readership in Washington DC is growing. Since I’m unfamiliar with the city and its many wonderful treasures, I am looking for a local to offer a post once a week on a new restaurant or lounge, hidden boutique, a delicious cafe, and upcoming events.