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Collar flip?!

December 7th, 2010 4 Comments

“Collar Flip, Japan” just seen on The Sartorialist.

Ok, first of all, how do you get a collar to stay like that?  Secondly, I’m not sure I would want my collar to pose all day?  I wonder if this guy’s nose sticks up to match.

Combo the collar with the shell flower on the lapel and lace vintage hanky, it’s all just too much.  Photo worthy, absolutely.  But wearable on the street? No way.

I took this picture of a guy at Hudson the other night because I’ve NEVER, EVER seen a man dressed to a T like this (on his own) in Houston.  EVER. NEVER EVER.

Granted for NYC or London, this guy is a small fry, but for Houston, I was impressed.  Of course, I’ve forgotten his name and the designer of the suit, but it really doesn’t matter.  The effort and execution (which is not nearly flawless) is admirable.

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  • oh, collars like that aren’t tough to create. just throw a fancy dress shirt in the wash by accident instead of sending it to the cleaner’s, and presto. i do it to my husband’s shirts all the time.

  • JKL

    Hey Mary – met you the other night @ Hudson and decided to check out the new site. Nice job. Oh, and the guy’s name in the pic above is James Sivco.

    • It was nice to meet you and James! Thanks for stopping by the site.

  • MWeisbarth

    Definitely an A for effort! You hardly ever see that in San Diego either… always jeans & flip flops.