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Does your tie measure up?

December 7th, 2010 1 Comment

— By Andrew, The Straight Guy Stylist

MR Note:  During the holiday season, you know you’re going to button up and tie one on (in more ways than one).  So listen up boys, this is a great tip!

Whether its discussing Hollywood starlets or men’s fashion trends, America always wants to know, “How skinny is too skinny?”  And, at least in the case of men’s fashion, the answer is easy.

The width of your tie should be no larger than the width of your lapel at its greatest point.

That being said, if you’re wearing a wide lapel, double breasted suit straight of the 80s, then go with your lobster bib 3.5″ ties.  However, I would recommend a more modern approach.

The tie of the moment is the trimmed down 2.5″ tie, like the one pictured above.  You’ll notice that the shape of this tie is slimmer than most other ties because it does not flare out at all.  This sharp cut is more complementary to varying body types because it provides a set of solid, sturdy, parallel lines that break up the body and draw the eye down rather than across, elongating the torso.

However, you should be warned because there is such a thing as “too thin.”  Super skinny ties that are an inch wide or less should be left to teen punk music groups.  My philosophy is that if you find yourself in a situation where you’re wearing a tie, it’s never appropriate for it to be so thin.  Plus, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find such a small lapel.

(Photo via Brooks Brothers)

  • anon

    I hate this tie. It’s too skinny and too perfect and too metro.