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For the Overdeveloped and Underserved breasts of the world… or at least in LA

December 7th, 2010 9 Comments

— By Kallah Maguire, L.A. Fashioinista

MR: Obviously I don’t know much about this issue, but instead of bolstering up your voluptuousness perhaps you might consider sharing it instead.  If so, you know where to find me :)

Dear busty darlings, I have a wonderful treasure to share with you.  It’s a place where EE cups can find sexy, comfortable, and supportive bras with equally alluring matching underwear.  D, DD, DDD cup, are no problem, at Jenette’s Bras where the alphabet starts at D and goes UP!  They have t-shirt bras, sexy lacy numbers, every color of the rainbow, matching sets, silk slips and more – All at great prices, so grab your man (he can hang out in the gents area) and get them the support they deserve!  Tell them Kallah sent you ; )

  • donya

    is that a joke?! spellcheck, mary, haven’t you been told that enough?

    • Yike! You’re right, I didn’t spell check.

  • Heidi Praxton

    “vuluptusness”??? Mary, that is just SO SO SO lazy. Put a little pride in what you do and take two seconds to look up the correct spelling if you don’t know it. Why should readers take you seriously when you can’t take your “job” seriously?

    • I’m totally guilty on this one.
      Everyone makes mistakes on the job and in life.
      I apologize.

  • Sarah

    Do you mean voluptuousness?

  • donya

    hey, mary, enough the “everyone makes mistakes.” you have a SERIOUS problem with spelling. it’s either laziness but it’s become so chronic i think you have a learning disability. anyone who typed that very wrong spelling would know if was at least the wrong spelling. the fact that you couldn’t tell shows me you have some condition. please spend money on that, not just your wrinkles!

  • donya

    and please know: i had a learning disability myself which is why i’m saying. but it took me two seconds to realize in the post i made above i left out two words. i would have done a quick delete and retype before anyone saw.

  • Heidi Praxton

    Mary, your problem has less to do with the fact that you don’t use spell check and more with the fact that you don’t even recognize misspellings when you see them/don’t know the word. It seems like you don’t read much or pay attention to words in context.

    I agree with donya above – not even recognizing that you didn’t know how to correctly spell the word before you posted it is worrisome in its own right. I don’t think you have a “condition” or a learning disability, I just think you’re ignorant to recognizing when you don’t know words. It’s clear that writing doesn’t come naturally or easily to you, so I am not sure why you’ve pursued a career in it.

  • Kula

    If everyone made as many mistakes in their jobs as you do spelling mistakes they’d be fired.
    That excuse does not fly, if this is your work then as previous commenters have said you’re either very lazy, have a learning disability or just don’t have a clue.