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Getting Creative and Colorful to Refresh Your Holiday Decor

December 8th, 2010 No Comments

— Ashleigh, Your Home Decorator

MR:  I could not agree with Ashleigh more on the subject of color for the holidays.  Red, green, and blue gets old pretty quickly.  Under my tree you’ll find packages wrapped up in every shade of the rainbow.  What’s not festive about that?!

As much as I love the tradition of Christmas, I enjoy taking it on in new ways every year.  Who says you MUST decorate with red and green?  Why not purple or yellow or pink! Every year I decorate for Christmas using a new and inspiring color scheme. The new look keeps the holiday decor fresh and exciting.

Usually, I donate last year’s baubles and buy new inexpensive trinkets to decorate the house in a new style.  Sure I keep a collection of Santas and such, but as I said, I like to change it up.

Last year my scheme was Smokey Gray, Silver and Purple so this year I decided to go color wild and do NEON!  Of course this needs to be tempered with silvers, golds, whites and crystal.

Here’s a little insight into livening up your holiday decor.

The Basics

My first stop is Michael’s craft store for the ornaments to replace last year’s.  These are very inexpensive and can be bought in bulk 12 packs.  Buy a lot as you can use them on the tree, the wreaths, and on any garlands you have on your fireplace, stair or even around the chandelier!

Adding Character

Since my place is quite small and does not have ANY of those things I just mentioned, my dining table becomes the centerpiece of the holiday.  I fell in love with these delightful plates and decided to use them on top of my everyday white dinnerware as a topper rather than the traditional decorative server plate.  I love the bright colors of the wreath around the neck of the Buck and the pale blue background tempers the bright colors elsewhere in my scheme!

Pouring Holiday Cheer

Holidays would not be complete without some Mulled Wine, Egg Nog or a bit of bubbly.  I particularly love the Iittala “Essence” wine glasses for their soft sensual style.  Designed in 2001 by Alfredo Haberli, a South American designer based in Zurich known for is energetic and timeless designs, they are a great year round addition to your home.

Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am

For a big explosion AND pop of color, I use poppers because they’re easy, cheap, and fun.  A traditional English addition to the table, they are rarely used in the US but add a little excitement to any party!  These handmade poppers from The Conran Shop (a fantastic English online and retail store) are decorated with multi-colored sweeties, and equally colorful gadgets and gifts are enclosed inside.

Simple and Sleek

With all of the color going on, you need simple pieces that can go with anything.  For this purpose I enlist contemporary pieces which I usually find at museum shops. Not just a place to find tweedy needle points of the Mona Lisa, these days Museum shops are a great place to find all varieties of styles of small goods.

I particularly like the MOCA shop, Getty Shop and the Detroit Institute of Arts shop, where I found these Loop Candelabras.  They can be used individually as candle sticks or looped together in sets of 2, 4 or 8.  The glow of candle light is key when you are entertaining.  Sometimes I arrange so many candles that we can turn off all of the lights and just revel in the glow.

There is Always A DIY Element

To top off my table, I picked up a bunch of Pine Cones while I was at Michaels, some Silver spray paint and a bit of Silver Glitter.  Simply place the pine cones on a newspaper (always paint outside, even if it is in a ventilated garage for you folks in snowy regions) and spray them gingerly with the silver paint.  Once the paint has started to dry you can lightly pick them up and sprinkle them with the glitter.  It will stick to the paint and so you don’t need any additional adhesive. These are something I will keep for years to come, maybe next year they will become ornaments in the tree or get applied to a wreath!