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New Artist Alert: My Arcadia

December 8th, 2010 1 Comment

— By Lindsey, Indie Rocker

MR Note: Our little hipster is off to a great start directing us to an awesome band I’ve never heard of (which isn’t saying much…).  My Arcadia rocks out pretty hard, great motivation to get moving during the day.  The drummer is awesome, almost steals the show from the lead, whose soft voice still carries over the heavy beat.

Lindsey’s tuned ear will tell you more!

While visiting NYC a few weeks ago, a group of friends and I made the loooong subway ride up to the Bronx to see several bands play in the stark and surprisingly edgy performance space at The Point.  The event was great, although woefully under-attended.  Performances were solid all around.

A Moment’s Worth, and Just Surrender gave solid performances, but I was won over by the performance of My Arcadia, a Bronx-based band fronted by lead singer Jacqui Sandell.

In my opinion, Jacqui’s fearless vocals and infectious on-stage personality made their performance the hands-down winner of the night.

In her live performance (although, on second listen, not so much in the recorded material), Jacqui drew easy comparisons to Paramore’s Hayley Williams.  I saw a sort of sweetness in Jacqui’s voice that I preferred over Williams’ sometimes-too-adorably-cranky affect.  Also, Jacqui started out her set dressed in the cutest bee costume ever.  The band’s energy outlasted their cutesy costumes, but I was entertained from start to finish.

After the show, I grabbed Jacqui to chat for a moment backstage.  She was very sweet and gave me a copy of their EP, “City by the Sea”, which instantly became part of the  regular rotation on my iPod.  The closing track, “Easy to Sleep” is truly impressive. (Click here for a free download of “Lulea”)

As a holiday gift from me to a MTM reader, I’d love to pass along my copy of “City by the Sea.” If you’re interested, e-mail me with one idea for a band or topic you’d like me to cover for MTM.  I’ll pick one respondent at random and send you my copy of the EP!

(Full Disclosure: this CD was a generous gift from the artists.)

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  • The Phenomenal Hand-clap band is great, you should check them out :)