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Crunchy cookies can be chewy!

December 9th, 2010 2 Comments

According to my uncle, if you put a piece of bread in the jar/bag with crunchy cookies overnight, they will be chewy the next day.  I haven’t tried it (cookies are not allowed in the house at the moment), but if you do, comment below and let me know if it works!  He’s a reliable source when it comes to the kitchen, so you should expect that bread to provide magical moisture.

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  • Lindsey Rae

    It does work! Also works if you put bread into sugar that’s hardened. Very useful, especially for brown sugar.

  • It works like a charm! I was about to say that it’s great for brown sugar as well, but I see Lindsey beat me to it.

    Even brown sugar that’s so hard you can barely chisel a chunk off with a knife will be completely fresh and pliable after a day with a piece of bread. Super useful trick!