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Testing testing…

December 10th, 2010 2 Comments

I think this will post to my facebook, but I’m not sure.

I’ve been trying to get my WP to feed to Facebook, not via tumblr, so friends can click through to my blog and not my tumblr (if I’ve lost some of you at this point, it’s ok, I was there too.  For those of you who are laughing at me for not….whatever, I’m bored just thinking about defending myself. You know why I want to do this.)

Here’s the bottom line: WordPress sucks (for non-techies who don’t speak the language).  David, you’ve got a good thing going at tumblr and I hope you get billions of more funding so I never have to see an ad on my dashboard.

As for connecting to FB, if you’re curious, here’s Steven’s advice I will attempt to follow:

If you have FTP access to your site you can download it and just drop it in the plugin directory.

That little SEARCH field in the plugin tab in wordpress is REALLY misleading – it’s actually to search through your EXISTING plugins, not the plugin directory (some people have like a zillion plugins installed and need that, but it’s confusing, I know).

All you have to do is click the ADD NEW button next to the “PLUGINS” header / electric plug, then do the search there. Here are some fun graphics to help you out haha.

Update: Arrgghhh!! sh!t. It didn’t work.

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  • Jill

    Someone on Tumblr replied and suggested Squarespace, and I’m seconding that suggestion. They have a two week free trial, and the interface is way more beautiful than WP’s interface. They have full CSS support too, so you could move over your complete design. It’s basically a content management system plus hosting, so it does have a monthly fee.

    • I’ll look into that. Thanks for replying here Jill.

      I currently use bluehost for hosting, but I’m not married to it. Although I will say, they have amazing customer service.