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Close your eyes. Visualize your road. See Your Goals.

December 13th, 2010 No Comments

It’s really easy to derail from your fitness routine during the holidays.  So let’s pull in our focus.

When I teach spin, for the duration of a song, I’ll turn off the lights, instruct my riders to close their eyes, and tell them to visualize their ride. I tell them to see the road. Question their intentions. Allow their mind to wander, locking into a feeling that pops out in their head.  Set goals for the 50 minutes.

I encourage you to do the same for your week.

I’m not suggesting setting goals that are unrealistic.  You should think about what you can do, and then strive to put a little more out there for yourself in each workout.

So before the day gets away from you, take two minutes for yourself. Close your eyes, take two deep breaths, let your mind wander and see what emotions overwhelm you.  Let that be your motivation to exercise.  Dealing with that emotion by exercising will keep you mentally and physically strong during this stressful time so you can start the new year motivated and focused.

(My photo from Memorial Park)

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