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Big pain in my tiny ass

December 15th, 2010 19 Comments

I absolutely cannot stand my Audi 2009 A4.  It drives like a lawnmower, something is always wrong with it, and the inside feels like a Honda, which would be fine, if I were paying for a Honda.

Best advice I’ll give you in 2010, DO NOT BUY AN AUDI.

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  • what are the positive aspects of your audi?

    • Hmmm….good question. I thought it was a good deal when I leased it, but it really doesn’t have anything special going for it. It’s basic. I miss my Lexus GS terribly!

  • ABHeiss

    That’s a shame! My brother has the A5 and not only is it an absolute beaut – it drives like a dream! Have you looked into the TX Lemon Laws?

    • I leased the car in California actually. I’ve been suggesting “lemon” to the service people since I got it, but they insist it’s fine. Adding oil 5 times in one year when I barely drive the thing doesn’t seem right to me!

  • sandy sharma

    http://www.carkb.com/Uwe/Forum.aspx/audi/4041/Timing-Belt-Failure-43K-Certified-2001-5-Celebration-Edition-Ultra …. I ended up suing them, and won. They gave me a new engine, paid all expenses, but it was hard work.

  • Maura

    I don’t know about if other commenters are leasers or owners but I have heard often from leasers they feel like they got a “lemon”. This is from several different companies, and different types of cars. Maybe it is just a coincidence but I have never heard from someone who actually bought and didn’t lease the same complaint. Biggest offenders are for sure the saab, and in the last year mini-coopers.

    • I’ve both leased and owned previously and never had issues with the functioning of the car like I have with this one. I actually preferred my lease to the car I owned.

  • Paul

    Seems like the obvious question but – Why did you select it in the first place?

    • I couldn’t afford the car I wanted (which I had already leased before but given up to move to NYC). The Audi had gotten such praise from everyone I knew and in the biz, it was cheaper, and drove well down the streets slowly. I didn’t gun it to get into traffic on my test drive so I didn’t know that there is a HUGE lag time. I settled for the crappy interior because it was enough, and like I said, I thought I got a great deal. Now there are all sorts of problems with the internal computer, oil tank, and tires, which I could have never anticipated.

  • Kat

    I can’t say I feel sorry for you. You should have done your research and not followed the ‘cool’ (read: douche) people when selecting a car. This further confirms for me how far far off your style is.

  • Ashley

    Next time, just get the Honda. ;-)

  • Heidi Praxton

    I read your blog during your car search in LA and I remember multiple people suggesting that you should buy a cheaper, more reliable car like a Honda instead of leasing a “luxury” vehicle. It serves you right for choosing flash over quality and not doing your research. You said it – it’s basic. You can’t buy/lease the most stripped down “luxury” car and expect it to perform any better than it’s less expensive cousin. You basically paid for a logo.

    • Yes and no.

      The car is nicer and drives better than a Honda or a Nissan. I test drove the new model Prius at the time and I couldn’t stand it – any part of it. PLUS, it was more expensive.

      There are so many circumstances that go into buying a car – emotions being one of them.

      I’ll be the first to admit I made a bad decision. And you know what, I felt it at the time. But I needed a car.

      We live and we learn.

  • Ali

    I LOVE my 2009 Audi TT. It drives like a dream and the interior is so comfortable I can even relax on the 405 in LA. I wouldn’t knock Audi as a whole. Maybe it’s just the Model.

  • Andrea

    I had a friend who owned two different A4s and had similar experiences with them. After having bad experiences with two cars she gave up and got an Acura.

  • Andrea

    Sorry to hear you’re having so much trouble

  • Brooke

    Oh Mary the A4 is really awful. My fiance used to have it and one day enough was enough. He only got $10,000 for it. I really highly suggest you look into the terms of your lease and consider a Japanese vehicle- Toyota, Honda, or Nissan. I promise they are much better than you think. Keep an open mind.

  • sandy sharma

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