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It’s that time again

December 18th, 2010 3 Comments

Let the bows begin!

Time to wrap up all of those thoughtful gifts you’ve bought for your friends and family.  You can watch the video I made on how to make the perfect bow (complete with extensions and cleavage from TWO years ago!).

But, I do solemely swear to make a new video this week to show you my method in HD.

In the gift above I added metallic curling ribbon to make the bow really shine.  For other tips like this, you can see the TMI episode the girls and I did about wrapping.

I think you have enough to get you started.  Or, you can use my promise as your excuse to procrastinate the hours of being hunched over for now.  A little stocking stuffer gift to you before the big kahuna video :)

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  • Stephanie J

    I started using your bow techniques last year and got loads of compliments! Everyone kept calling it my “single girl” wrapping. :)

  • Jill

    I remember watching this video back then. Has it been two years already? Wow! Anyway, gorgeous wrapping job.

  • Heidi Praxton

    Another bow making post? You do this every year. Sorry, but it’s getting stale and doesn’t employ any techniques or anything special you can’t find doing a quick google search.