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Get rid of that black baggage!

December 21st, 2010 2 Comments

Last week, a reader asked how if I could reccommend a creme to help her with her under-eye circles.  Like many women, I carry that same baggage, and I attack it from all sides.   Unfortunately none of the remedies take away the darkness completely, but I’ve found these methods help.

  1. SLEEP – There’s no secret that being well rested is the best and most natural solution.
  2. Cold Cucumbers – Thinly slice a cucumber that has been in the fridge and place over your closed eyes.  This will decrease puffiness, cleanse your eyes, and increase circulation.
  3. Peter Thomas Roth Power K Eye Creme – This gel has been the most effective for me.  Dab it lightly before bed and let it work overnight.
  4. Concealer – Easiest solution is to just cover them up! My favorites are by Chanel, Jouer, and Eve Pearl’s famous Salmon.
  5. Restylane – This is the longest lasting treatment for the puffiness and circles.  It’s a delicate treatment that must be done properly  (Dr. Patronella in Houston and Dr. Bobby in NYC are pros).
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  • Rachel

    Yeah, Dr. Bobby’s a real pro. That’s why Jules looks 52.

    • I’m very happy with the treatments I received from him.