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What was your favorite gift? – Help us shop for the future!

December 26th, 2010 5 Comments

Hope you have all enjoyed a happy holiday season surrounded by friends and family.

The joy of each others’ company is sometimes burdened with the pressure to give “the perfect” gift, something that is useful, thoughtful, and will enrich their lives in some way.

Then throw in your budget to that task, and it can be daunting.

I’m guessing that you gave or were given something this season that fits that bill and made you smile.  So in an effort not just to share your happiness but also help others in their future gift giving…

Will you fill us in on what particularly warmed your heart this season?

I’ll post my favorites in the comments.

Simplicity is often overlooked for grandeur, but in my opinion it’s the key to finding the “perfect” present.

So please comment below (tumblrs click here to share) and share with us what you found thoughtful and brought a smile to your face.  Thanks!

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  • Bob

    Well this year my ex and I decided that we would not give gifts to each other and concentrate on the kids. But I can never do that for some reason. I downscaled but not to nothing. I got her all seasons of The Tudors and some socks and a calendar. She however stuck to the deal and got me an electric manscaper razor with the $10 dollar price on it. Good thing we are already divorced

  • My husband and I decided that we would not give each other gifts this Christmas and save up for a family holiday next year. But he didn’t stick to it and got me a new digital camera that I’ve been eyeing on for months now. When I opened it, I cried – for 2 reasons: 1) I am so grateful for a husband as wonderful and as attentive as he is (more than I am grateful for the gift) and 2) because I felt like I should be awarded “lousiest wife of the year”. Lesson learned, never agree to no exchanging gifts ever again. I am now hunting for his super belated Christmas gift.

  • heidi

    The best thing we did over the holiday was to get out of New York and back home before the blizzard (we went for the holiday). We were able to figure out a strategy to get home on Sunday. We took the Amtrak to DC and then flew home from DC after our NYC flight was cancelled. I have two huge meetings this week, one tomorrow and am so blessed that we were able to return home relatively easily. Also, I love my new diamond and ruby necklace!

  • Mom

    Time, time, time with my girl…..best gift – always.

    • Awww, Mom. That’s my favorite part too!

      When I didn’t get to spend as much time in Houston, my favorite part of the holiday was (and still is) family time. I love the rituals Mom and I share on Christmas and it’s always so nice to have my Dad, stepmother, brother, and sister come together for the day, sit down to feast and catch up together. We see each other separately, but it’s so rare to have us all in one place at one time.

      I know I put it to you to post about gifts so I’ll offer up my favorite.

      Every other year or so, Mom will give me a special piece of jewelry. The gift is not meaningful because it’s jewelry. I cherish the pieces because they’re usually something she designed, the style is timeless, and I can wear them regularly to think of her. Having a token on me from people I love has always been a source of strength for me. The true gift is the love and support they have shown me throughout my entire life. The jewelry just helps me remember I have that, no matter where I am, or how I feel. It sounds cheesy, but it’s absolutely true. On a daily basis, I wear my diamond solitaire necklace my mom made me, and a simple David Yurman bracelet from my dad that resembles one he wears. I’ve had both for over a decade. There are a few other things I wear often from both that hold the same meaning.

      My message in gift giving is always the same. Be thoughtful, deliberate, and meaningful. Those are the gifts that are truly appreciate and can NEVER be re-gifted :)