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Looking to the new year….

December 27th, 2010 No Comments

..and reflecting back on 2010. Consider this:

“We are going to hurt, but we are going to celebrate.  Without both, you’re not living.  Knowing both is living the beautiful life.”

Pastor Chris Seay

In his teaching today, Chris reflected back on the story of the journey of Jesus (running from Herod and his heir) in terms of the characters.

(In the Bible or anywhere else, stories are told to teach us a lesson for us to consider for ourselves. So try to keep that in mind when I post about scripture.  I’m relaying the message, not the religion.)

Chris mentioned the Innkeeper, Mary, and Joseph.  The Innkeeper wanted to live the safe life, protecting himself from discomfort and the pain of the world.  Mary had a loving soul who welcomed everyone, despite their standing in life.  And Joseph, although he was afraid, he moved forward using faith as his guide.

So looking back, who were you in 2010?  How did you navigate?  Being protective?  Adventurous?  Cautious?  Confident? Faithful?  Stuttering?

To me, Chris is saying he wants us to be like Joseph.  Aware and afraid, but confident in ourselves and our faith to live a life of pleasure and pain.  You can’t really have joy without sorrow.

Today, I felt unmotivated, and honestly, useless.  The new year, while exciting, is also scary.  But I have faith that life will unfold, and I will be strong enough to walk with confidence. I resolve to be like Joseph.

In the coming week, I’ll be posting more quotes, artwork, blogs, etc for you to look on to 2011 from different perspectives.  Please add your comments and share your angle with us too.  There is no wrong or right, but I think it’s important we take the time to consider new sources of inspiration.

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