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Best Dressed in 2010?

December 28th, 2010 4 Comments

Everyone is posting their best and worst lists.  Sifting through, I found it interesting to see who was mentioned and who was left out.

Vanity Fair named David but not Victoria Beckham.

They even used that terrible photo of him.  Agree or disagree that he’s better dressed than she is?

VF also applauded Diane Kruger and Carey Mulligan, but said nothing about Anne Hathaway, who I think ALWAYS looks stunning.

Vogue named Kate Moss best dressed of the DECADE.

I guess I agree with that.  She’s consistently stunning!  And I can’t think of anyone else who would qualify….

Then there is the obvious comparison between First Ladies.

I don’t think either of them get it right all the time (I mean some of their outfits are big WTF moments in my opinion), but then again, who does?  I think my style aligns more with Carla’s.  Yours?

Moving on, everyone is talking about Lady Gaga.  I like the costumes for a show, but does she need to cause a scene everyday?!!

And finally, for my favorite Best Dressed list check out the one by Tommy Ton – a photoblogger for Style.com.  He captured women with true personal style.

Who was your best dressed in 2010??  My vote usually goes to Anne or Jennifer Aniston because they’re timeless.  But trendsetters, like Sienna Miller, always capture my heart too.

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  • Mary

    The person that you credit as “Tory Burch” is actually actress Carey Mulligan.

    • You’re right! I switched in Carey for Tory at the last minute.
      Thanks for the note!

  • There are much better dressed men out there than David Beckham…Ryan Gosling had a great year, for example!

    • Totally agree, not sure why they chose him.