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Did you say Kate Middleton?? – The Dukan Diet

December 30th, 2010 2 Comments

MR Note: Apparently there’s a new diet fad in the UK because Kate Middleton’s MOM is shedding pounds for the wedding.   Jeff breaks down the Dukan Diet pretty simply for you here.

  • Aleah

    Mary, I have followed your tumblr blog for several years
    now and love your reviews. We share a lot of interests. Anyhow, I
    am newly married, in the middle of switching careers and have had a
    lot of stress and not enough time to exercise as I normally do.
    Since the new year is here (ack!) I am ready to begin with a jump
    up. I am looking to you for advice on a cleanse program to mix in
    with my soon-t-be-reinstated 6 days a week yoga. I have had friends
    offer items as cleanses, but I just have never been one to ‘pop
    pills’ in place of actual foods (or no food, for that matter). I
    believe that I have seen you do several cleanses in the past few
    years and was wondering if you could pass along any advice as to
    which one you felt worked the best … and most of all, what the
    cleanse plan entails. I really appreciate your time and look
    forward to a fresh start. Happy New Year!

    • Apologies it took me so long to respond!!

      Are you looking to clean up your diet or for a cleanse.

      BluePrintCleanse.com is a great way to get back on the bandwagon.

      Otherwise I would say cut back on processed food, sugar, flour, unnecessary sauces, alcohol. Try to incorporate more raw veggies and veggie juices.

      Hope this helps!