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Getting a head start on New Year’s resolutions!

December 30th, 2010 3 Comments

I hate new year’s resolutions…

I believe in evaluating my habits on a regular basis in an attempt to live a more enjoyable life.

That being said, this year, I’m jumping on the bandwagon.

I’m at a point I need to make some lifestyle changes, in particular cleaning up my diet.  I’m a firm believer that certain foods can effect body chemistry and therefore your attitude drastically.

Eating crap has left me feeling crappy.

For me, sugar is the main culprit that takes my mind and appetite on a roller coaster ride.  Flour and alcohol are just flat out bad for you and really serve no benefit in terms of nutrition.

So I’m going to clean up my diet in a effort to feel better and regain some personal motivation.

For me this means:



I would love to abstain all together, but that’s not realistic, or enjoyable, so I’m just going to cut back.

Four days ago, I started this agenda.  Honestly, I’ve been craving CLEANER food and more veggies so it hasn’t been challenging.

Instead of bread I eat quinoa, oatmeal, or potatoes.  I get sugar from fruit and juice.  As for the booze, well, I had a glass of wine the other night, but one glass isn’t going to kill anyone.  Most people substitute vodka for wine when they are on a “diet.”  But I’m just going to drink less altogether.

Protein is important so I’ve been eating: preservative-free chicken, turkey, shrimp, and fish.

Other things I’m cutting back on:

  • Sauces, spices, and salt
  • Nuts
  • Cheese
  • Bananas

Eating out is easier than you would think as well.  I just request “light sauce” and no salt.

If you’re cleaning up your diet too, share your strategy with us below.  I think it’s interesting to hear what makes people tick.  For me, as you know, for me, it’s cookies :)

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  • claire

    I was interested to read your food resolutions. A website you may find interesting as an additional resource is marksdailyapple.com

    Promotes a diet/lifestyle which is similar to what you’re mentioning (although it is pretty strict on all grains not just flour and sugar

    • I’ll check it out.

      No way I could give up grains all together though. Quinoa is also a good source of protein and serves as a long-lasting fuel for the body.

  • Michelle

    Just catching this…what’s wrong with bananas?