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January 3rd, 2011 No Comments

Tonight I cooked dinner for my friends Kim and Randall.  LOVE LOVE AND MISS cooking for people.  They both were shocked I know my way around the kitchen, enjoyed the meal (recipe to come on Thursday!), and appreciated the little things I did to make the casual experience special.  Like using cloth napkins and folding them nicely.  It’s so easy, but for some reason really makes a difference.

Just like all of my other little secrets, folding napkins  has been blogged!  Click the link for a a video I made what seems like forever ago (which means a new one is coming asap so I don’t have to ever link to this again).

If you’ve been reading MTM for a while now, you’re familiar with my delicious dishes, one-pot wonders, and easy domestic goddess maneuvers.

See that navigation bar at the top of site?  It’s stuffed with 3 years of tips and tricks for you to sift through.  It took me, my assistant, and interns HOURS to categorize it all, but I believe the archives are one of the biggest values to reading MTM.

So when you’re bored or procrastinating at work, browse a bit and see what you find.  Comment or email and I’d love to answer any questions you might have!

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