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Small change. Big meaning.

January 4th, 2011 2 Comments

Last month I decided after decades of having neutral nails I was going to paint them RED!

Let me explain why this is even worth mentioning.

I’m very insecure about my hands.

First of all, they’re huge and not at all feminine.  Secondly, due to a lung condition I had as a child, my finger are bulby (I’m too embarrassed to even write what they were nicknamed in high school). And then there’s the middle finger on my right hand that is slightly deformed because of how tightly I gripped my pencil when I was younger.

Yeah, not a pretty picture.

By wearing sheer pink polish, I was trying to not draw attention to my ugly hands.  But last month I just said screw it. You only live once right?

Now I have to say, I don’t think it’s the best look for me, but I use my hands in a totally different way.  Without intention, I am now more delicate with my gestures.  It seems to weird to say that something so insignificant could cause a change at all, but it has.  And I feel more feminine with tinted nails.  I loved it so much the first time, I went back for more yesterday and chose the four colors you see above before selecting a deep cherry red concocted from a combo of two.

I offer you this small story because maybe it’s time to spice up your life in some small way that could lead to a greater change.  You can always go back to the old way, but how will you know what’s out there for you if you don’t try something new.

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  • Maryann

    I have to say that I absolutely LOVED your nail color that you had in in the “How to make the perfect bow.” video. We’re truly our own worst enemies. You have nothing to feel insecure about!

  • Allison

    My friend used to call my hands pig hooves in high school – it can’t be worse than that! I say flaunt it – I paint my nails every color of the rainbow because it makes ME happy!