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Rolling Comfy To CES Head To Toe

January 6th, 2011 4 Comments

With two years of CES under my belt, I knew the only way I would enjoy walking the floor this year would be to dress comfortably.  Amazing how much better my hearing is when my feet aren’t throbbing :)

CES head to toe:

(It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these)

  • Brightly Twisted tie dye scarf ($95 from Tootsies)
  • Elizabeth and James necklace, also Tootsies
  • Max Azria cashmere cardigan
  • Mossimo cardigan
  • Bloch leggings
  • Uggs
  • Gap bag

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  • allison

    you spent $95 on that scarf? no offense, but i think you need to think a bit harder about your extravagant purchases in the future.

  • Love this look!! Where do you find Bloch leggings? What
    other leggings do you recommend? And btw the scarf is amazing. So
    worth the price!

    • Bloch is actually a ballet/fitness brand. They have THE softest t shirts. My sister gave me these for Christmas so I’m not sure where you but them, but a quick search online would be your best bet.

      The scarf is awesome. I have another one that’s lavender with grey, yellow, and red splotches.