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Would ya? Could ya? Wear these trends.

January 11th, 2011 1 Comment

Trends are not for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you’re not a fashionista.

Browsing online, here are a few I’ve spotted recently.  Which ones would you dare to wear?


From People.com

This trend has been popular for a while now.  I took this pick at New York Fashion Week Fall 2009.

And you know Adrien and I have been a fan of the fur for a while.  I’ve been rocking Oscar de la Renta vest for at least two years now (funny how this terrible pic is the only one I could find of me wearing it).


Faux or real, fur is an easy trend to wear.  Ties are a little more tricky.

From People.com

Although I think the trend is super cute, you won’t find a pic of me and my football player shoulders tied up like this.

This concept is best suited for petite or really tall  and slender women who make anything look femme.  Too keep the look soft, both Leighton and the Beverly Hills 90210 chick curled their hair and left it down.  A long pony tail would work too.


The boyfriend look is still going strong.

From Shopbop.com

As comfortable and easy as this outfit seems, it’s just as challenging to put together as a tailored sleek look.  Piecing together two over-sized “boyfriend” pieces can make you look sloppy when not done properly.  As long as you’re aware, I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

Here’s a real life example.  Allie Anderegg who works at Alter in Brooklyn was featured on Elle.com for her “Street Chic” look: Zara sweater, LL Bean trousers, Frye boots, vintage Givenchy necklace.


From People.com

High-waisted jeans are an easy way to make an the “American Girl” trendy as seen on these celebs.

Odessa Straub was another Brooklyn “Street Chic” find on Elle.com.  She’s wearing “vintage” Eddie Bauer jeans (which I think in this case means found at a thrift store since true vintage means “over 50 years old”).  Whatever the case maybe, this hipster looks hot.

The trick is to find a pair with pockets that find themselves in the right spot on your butt so it doesn’t look so LONG.

I go back and forth on buttoning up jeans at my belly button, mostly because of the butt issue.  Right now I’m a no-go, but by spring I think I’ll be busting out my one pair from the bottom of my denim pile.


Apparently the 70’s are coming back around this spring.  While that could indicate a lot of things, slashed sleeves are one of the hot items on that agenda.

This Halsoton dress was a fan favorite at NYFW Spring 2011.

The celebs hit the streets with it asap.

From People.com

This is another one that really enhances the size of my shoulders.  I’ve tried it a few times only to look back with regret.

Like this episode of TMIweekly….Yikes!

The episode – 5 things you can learn for free – is acutually pretty informative.  And I think we can all learn what NOT to do with this trend from my faux pas.


Of course there are more trends people are loving right now.  If I missed one of your favorites, leave a comment and I’ll post about it next week.

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  • I can get on board with slouchy and ties…and I’m all about the fur! But slashed sleeves and high waisted jeans can stay in hiding, as far as I’m concerned!