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You can and should detox in Vegas

January 13th, 2011 No Comments

I usually get a colonic during a cleanse, but it can also be helpful after a big intox like the holidays or Vegas.  Coincidentally, I have just been through both!

Colleen, my therapist from Los Angeles, has her main Healing Waters clinic a short 10 minute cab ride off the strip.  Lucky me!!

She uses the Libbe machine (see it behind her above), which is the most gentle of the hydrotherapy techniques. Watch this video of my first encounter with the Libbe.  The other technique I like is called The Woods Gravity method, which I get at Release in New York City.  See the video of my first time here and a follow up that shows it’s not painful at all!  I get the procedure about twice a year while I’m cleansing.  For more of my insight and experiences, click here.

(Full Disclosure: Media discounts and comps were provided by clinics.  A colonic runs around $85 per session but decreases when you buy multiple.)

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