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No gamble here! — Vic & Anthony’s (Las Vegas and Houston)

January 13th, 2011 No Comments

No Gamble Here! — Vic and Anthony’s  (Las Vegas and Houston)

In my southern opinion, the true testament of a steakhouse is how you feel when you leave.  Assuming you don’t eat every morsel on the table, you shouldn’t feel like you need a wheelbarrow to get to your car. Good meat, potatoes, and veggies don’t need to be laden with butter and cheese. Head chef Carlos Rodriguez of Vic & Anthony’s understands this and lets the food speak for itself.

There is no debate that V&A is hands down the best steakhouse in Houston thanks to Rodriguez.  His understanding of meat – the cow, aging, cuts, prep – is extraordinary.  He is constantly trying out new things and attempting to open people’s eyes to the intricacies of steak.  Last year he imported $10,000 worth of Kobe to treat Houston foodies! This resonates throughout the rest of his fare – traditional, approachable, and rich without being overbearing.

Unfortunately the Vegas location is in The Golden Nugget downtown, about 10 minutes from the strip.  There are countless A-MAZING steakhouses on the strip, so you have to be dedicated to the trek to get there.  The upside is once you get downtown you’ll find $5 blackjack tables and friendly dealers in the older casinos. Otto and I made the trek and did not regret it. (Love you dude!)

Pricing at both locations is what you would expect from an upscale steakhouse and I can attest it’s worth every penny.

Other than the steak, I highly recommend ordering the fresh lump crab cake, cream spinach, and chocolate cake.

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