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Natural anti-aging tricks

January 18th, 2011 4 Comments

I’ve never watched “The Doctors” show before, but I found it really informative!

Try out some of their natural remedies for signs of aging.

Crows’ Feet – Rub papaya skin (rich in antioxidants) in the area as often as possible

Under-eye circles – Apply almond oil with vitamin E moisturizes area overnight

Wrinkles & Volume Loss – Get the “Vampire Facelift” which consists of injections of a filler made with your own fat and blood, no chemicals.  My doctor in NYC, Dr. Bobby told me about it a while ago when it was being developed in Europe.   The substance is a natural alternative to Restylane and Pearlane that’s cheaper, but unfortunately doesn’t last as long.  Because it’s natural, your immune system can break it down and flush it out easily.

What are your remedies??  Cremes you love??  A friend of mine uses egg whites to keep her skin tight. If you have a solid method, share it with us below.

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  • Heidi

    I find that prevention is the best medicine. No tricks, creams, injections or surgeries will work as well as staying out of the sun. Even irregular sun exposure – a couple of beach trips here and there – will have you looking like a dried out old leather bag faster than anything you can slather on your face or inject into your laugh lines.

  • I have severely sensitive skin and am very limited in the products I can tolerate. Decleor is the only line that doesn’t break me out in thirty different ways.

    I swear by the egg whites and also the following:

    Make a paste of baking soda and water for a gentle exfoliation – be sure to spritz with a 1/10 parts vinegar/water mixture afterward to help balance ph. (This also helped me get years of cystic acne under control – something products and medication could never do.)

    Plain greek yogurt makes a fantastic mask (lactic acid).

    And honey, honey, honey. It’s antibacterial AND moisturizing.

    • Hey Buffy,

      Thanks for sharing the home remedies!!