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Rocker Style 101

January 19th, 2011 1 Comment

MR Note: Dressing for a concert is always a challenge for me, but I always follow Lindsey’s philosophy below.  I rock a wife beater and jeans with a smoky eye and awesome accessories.  We do differ on shoes though.  I have to wear heels to get my groove on.

— Lindsey Rae, Indie Rocker

I recently received a reader email that asked what type of ensemble is appropriate to wear to the types of shows I attend.  I dreaded trying to answer this question, because I go to so many different types of shows at a number of venues, and I thought for sure that my attire would change dramatically from one event to the next.  But when I started thinking about it, I realized that I adhere to a pretty straightforward uniform. Last week’s outfit is a perfect example (please excuse the laundry):

My Style

Now, I don’t get terribly adventurous with my clothes in general.  I like clothes that fit well and flatter my figure, and while I follow fashion trends pretty closely and am pretty up on what’s going on in the fashion world, I find that in practice, it ends up being much more about comfort for me.  This goes doubly true when I am headed to a show, where I know there will be lots of dancing around, that booze will be flying, and that I’ll be on my feet for the majority of the night.  In the interest of comfort, practicality, and being secure enough in my look that I’m not worrying about it while I’m trying to enjoy the music, I typically wear some variation on this theme:

  • American Apparel Deep V Tee, about $18
  • Urban Outfitters Silence + Noise Jeggings, currently $39 and originally $54, but wait a week or two and they’ll go back to the $29 I paid for them.
  • Target Kaden Boots, $35, which I discovered via the recommendation of excellent affordable-fashion blogger Jaclyn Day.

Biggest No No

I do believe that going to a rock show is a great place to show a little individuality, and even to try something new.  However, a word to the wise: don’t express that individuality through a pair of painful shoes or a top that you’re going to fidget with all night.  The most miserable concert experiences come from being ill-prepared (example: I wore flip flops to that Avett Brothers show back in October, and the concert was held at night in an outdoor pavilion.  My tootsies were distractingly cold all night long), so wear a pair of shoes you can bounce around in and a top that both looks good and keeps your goods in check.

Accessorize Instead

Show some personality instead with a strong eye, a bold lip, some rock star nails or some statement jewelry.  It bears noting, however, that you should probably not do all of these things at once, so as not to risk venturing into hooker territory.

On Wednesday, I went the jewelry route, and paired several of my favorite pieces with some pretty standard hair and a strong eye:

  • Layered Nature Necklace, $8.80, Forever 21
  • Stacked Rings, $5.80, Forever 21
  • Single-band silver ring, American Eagle (bought about a million years ago so there’s no way I’d be able to direct you toward it)
  • Multi Strap Watch, $20, Target (my set came with black, turquoise, and white straps, but there are several options in stores)

On Friday night, I went a different route: super-straight hair, a little less makeup, but with a rather striking new manicure with China Glaze polish in Evening Seduction, about $6.

A Cheat Sheet

If you’re still uncertain about what to wear to an event, your best bet is to take a look at the type of clothing the band wears in concert.  Take a look at what the performers usually wear on stage, dial it down at least 10%, and you should be good to go.  The two shows I saw this week were a great example:

Each of these groups, although their styles vary, embrace a very casual, comfortable look on stage.  You wouldn’t want to show up to either of these events wearing a sequined dress and sky-high heels.

Like with all of the best songs, the key is to be true to you.

The key is to always wear something you like, something you feel good in, and something that will help you feel as though you are part of the experience but with your own unique vibe.  Above all, you want to have fun and enjoy the music, and not have to waste time worrying about how you look!

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