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My Celeb Sis’ Head To Toe = My Fave Spring Look!

January 25th, 2011 4 Comments

Lev’s episode of Wizard’s of Waverly Place is coming out soon!

(I’m with you, no clue what Wizard’s of Waverly place is.  But I hear it’s THE show for teens.)

JustJaredJr featured one of her character’s ensembles today which happens to be my favorite go-to looks right now.

Blousy femme top + skinny jeans + leather/barn jacket + boots.

Easy and amazing!

My Nin’s Head To Toe:

Something Jared didn’t list: the jacket!  The jacket is key to the whole outfit, especially with a spring breeze.

After a quick text (helps to have changed the diapers of the celeb) I found out the jacket is by Object Collector’s Item – a too-cool-for-school line of casual wear.  Unfortunately I can’t tell you where to buy it.  Their site is awesome, but informative not so much.

Look at me going TMZ with the texts and inside scoop!  (Sarcasm on overload.)

Hollywood or not, this look is super simple to pull off from H&M, Old Navy, even Marshall’s.

(Links via JJJ)

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  • TruthBeTold

    Her hair looks awful. Not a flattering color on

    • Truth be told, I think blonde is best on her. But I applaud her for trying something new. Right now the red has faded and her hair is a really pretty, bright honey color.

      I’ll post a few pics of a photos from a photo shoot she did with red hair. She looks AMAZING!!!

  • donya

    your sis is indeed very cute but i dont get why you isolated this outfit. it’s as boring as it gets and not “on trend” even, as you’d say. she generally wears much more interesting things, i’ve noticed

    • She has a really awesome personal style – much more trendy than her character’s outfit. But! That is my go-to for spring. My style is more low key these days :)