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Mind the Gap

January 26th, 2011 No Comments

Mary Note: Wow, I can’t say I’ve ever disagreed with Andrew more about men’s clothes at the Gap.  In fact, I have been jealous to see so many great classic pieces on the men’s side while all of the women’s clothes look frumpy.  However, after seeing these ads he pulled I can understand his perspective.  The tricky part is that these looks are TRENDY for the average guy. And the clothes aren’t wrinkled, which is another bonus :)

— By Andrew Woj, The Straight Guy Stylist

Much like their logo redesign this past fall failed, the Gap has been letting me down on their designs for the past few seasons.  My one time place for affordable, dependable clothes has slowly been slipping away for the past few years. I remember the times when walking into a Gap was dangerous – I would come out with armloads of clothes: shirts, jeans, jackets, chinos, and more.  These days, I’m lucky to walk out with a tee shirt that I’m completely pleased with.  In an attempt to appeal to an edgier, more fashion conscious crowd, Gap has lost a sea of followers who religiously believed in their classic American style that was more affordable than their competition.

The clothes are boring and drab – exactly what you don’t want to be wearing when the warmer weather sets in.  They fit poorly and the styling for the shoot is absolutely terrible (I mean really – tan bermuda shorts with a tan shirt and a tan blazer? BORING!).  All in all, I still have my fingers crossed for Gap’s future, but their clothes may be just as dead as the models wearing them.

Would you let your man walk around in this?  Actually what Gap wants to know is would you buy these pieces for your man?  Either way, this inquiring mind wants to know.